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AMIVA Equity Partners Reveals Strategic Methodologies to Facilitate Exit Process for Business Owners

Zachary Bernard

Nov 22, 2022

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 4, 2022) - AMIVA Equity Partners, a financial institution that assists business owners with mergers, acquisitions, and financing, revealed the methodologies used to help business owners make successful exits when selling companies.

AMIVA's aim is to provide handheld assistance to business owners with companies in healthcare, consumer service, and enterprise software looking for a successful exit.

Founder and Managing Principal, Mike Pantouvakis, has been in the exact same spot as his clients on three different occasions, as he's previously had to sell his own companies. For this reason, the company understands on a deeper level what these individuals are going through and can provide them with strategic advice to do so with the methodologies the company has built over time.

In addition to Pantouvakis, AMIVA’s board of advisors, comprised of several experienced professionals, will be assisting clients seeking strategic exits from their businesses as well. With over 125 years of combined experience and $1 billion in successful transactions between all of them in various business sectors, they’re key components of the company’s success and will support business owners as they seek a seamless transition to leaving their businesses.

Pantouvakis says AMIVA's strategic methodologies are focused on three key pillars: amplitude, precision, and expertise (AEP). These pillars function as a guide for AMIVA's team when servicing clients and help boil down issues into a more simplified format to solve problems. Its methodologies functions as a mechanism that serves clients by introducing multiple stimulations to the market, all at once. This approach is key to maximizing the value of a company for clients and shareholders.

AMIVA also leverages the use of new technology for its internal and external processes to ensure efficient, precise, and effortless assistance for individuals. This coupled with the company's progressive thinking and experience will aid AMIVA in providing quality service for clients as they exit their businesses.

Mike Pantouvakis also mentioned, "For successful business owners looking to exit, who are dissatisfied with the difficulty of finding the right buyer and right price, AMIVA is a tech-enabled, boutique sell-side advisory firm that provides multiple qualified, interested buyers, who compete among themselves for who will make the highest offer, quickest, with the best terms. Unlike other traditional business intermediaries who charge outrageously high retainers and have all sorts of hidden fees, AMIVA only charges for results."

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