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Michael A Pantouvakis

Managing Principal

Hey there! I'm Mike, and my entrepreneurial journey kicked off when I was just 14, launching PowerLiving, one of Europe's first social media marketing pages. Imagine this: a teenager reaching a weekly audience of over 60,000 across 30 countries and three continents. Pretty cool, right?

Then came Vim, my second adventure, where I poured my heart into making smart fashion accessible to everyone. Vim touched the lives of over 50,000 people, making a real difference in how they felt and interacted with fashion. The cherry on top? Vim was acquired in May 2017, marking a significant milestone in my journey.

But why stop there? Next, I founded Bluntel, diving into the marketing and apparel world with a mission to make fashion more conscious, fun, and expressive. Bluntel became a global hit, especially famous for the unforgettable "Bluntel Summer."

After soaking up a ton of experience in the entrepreneurial world, I earned my stripes with a degree from NYU's Stern School of Business. Diving into the financial world, I worked as a financial advisor in a leading European shipping bank and even had a stint on Wall Street.

But my passion for entrepreneurship called me back, leading me to start AMIVA EQUITY PARTNERS. Today, we're one of the fastest-growing go-to boutique firms on the East Coast, especially for owners in the lower-middle market. What sets us apart? Our deep dive into sectors like landscape, healthcare, tech, and facility maintenance. We're not just about numbers; we understand the heartbeat of these industries, making us the perfect partner to elevate your business.

At AMIVA, my goal is to help business owners making over $3 million in revenue achieve top value for their business. How? By leveraging my extensive network and cutting-edge tech to drum up massive buyer demand.

I'm all about making connections and helping fellow entrepreneurs shine. If you're on a mission to take your business to the next level, particularly in these sectors, I'm your guy. Let's make some magic happen together!

Michael A Pantouvakis
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