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We Secure Your Client's Legacy

We Assist Dental Consultants in Helping Their Clients Secure a Legacy-Enhancing Majority Partner at a Premium Value

Maintain Strict Confidentiality

Achieve the Premium Value
for your Dental Practice

Secure Your Legacy Without Compromise

You Want to Elevate Your Client's Legacy…

But there are big problems…

How do you attract the right partner for your client?

Where do you find a partner who is willing to invest in the future?

How do you maintain confidentiality?

What's the valuation of your client's practice?

How do you ensure a smooth transition?

How do you negotiate the best possible deal for your client?

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We understand the value of your efforts and we believe in rewarding them appropriately. Our compensation plan is designed to be generous and transparent, reflecting the crucial role you play in the process.

To give you a clear picture of what you can earn, we've set up a compensation calculator. This tool will show you exactly how much you can expect to earn on a deal. We believe in sharing success, and our compensation plan is a testament to that.

Abstract Background

Your financial goals can be a reality, even if you feel ignored by the finance world or potential acquisition candidates. Our proprietary methods and technologies are proven to help businesses like yours achieve their desired results, with less stress, in the fastest time possible. We can prove it!” - AMIVA Equity Partners

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Why Dental Consultants Trust AMIVA Equity Partners To Help


Making sure the next owner will grow the business.


More potential buyers, lead to higher price


Control enhances negotiation and confidentiality


We secure your client's desired deal points


Just like lawyers, M&A pros use their skill to help you


All names have been deducted for confidentiality

Company: Prominent Multi-Location Dental Group
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Valuation: $4.4M
Owner Preference: Stay On

Summary: This growing dental practice, with a decade of successful operation and strategic expansion plans, sought to sell majority equity ownership. We received four distinct offers, each outlining unique deal structures and strategic goals. The practice, known for its commitment to Medicaid/Medicare patients, showcased impressive financial growth. With our advanced analytics, we converted detailed views into actionable leads, generating 44 buyers and 4 submitted offers in under 60 days.
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Your Path To Success

1. Receive a FREE expert business valuation &

Fill out our short form or contact us directly and our team of experts will tell you exactly what your business is worth.

2. Sit back with confidence while we get
to work for you.

We work with expert accountants, lawyers, and in-house analysts to create the highest valuation possible and list your business to real buyers.

3. Help your client exit their business on their terms without compromise.

Your client's business is their life's work. We work hard on their behalf to ensure the business is in the hands of a trusted buyer and for an exit that is true to its value.


Call us or click the button below to start the conversation now.

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