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A New Approach to Acquisition Opportunity Origination & Support 

We provide unlimited access to off market deals for your deal team

Identifying Sellers & Non Circumvent

Once we have identified businesses that meet your criteria, you will be asked to sign a non-circumvention agreement. This is to ensure that we, as the intermediaries, are compensated by the seller for our services and it is the most efficient way to proceed with the process

Financial Review & Valuation

Once the seller has committed to working with us, we'll work with them to get you the financial information you need to successfully assess the company, decide whether or not you want to pursue it, and put a LOI in place.

Assessing Interest & Sell-Side Agreement

We will arrange a conference call for you to speak with the owner of the business. If you are interested in the business after the call, we will work with the owner to establish a sell-side agreement

Due Diligence & Close 

Once we have an accepted LOI in place we assume traditionally buy side responsibilities, including providing you the data room, assessing the terms, coordinating with professionals, and overall moving the process to a close.

Our 4 Step Formula for Finding You Qualified Targeted Off Market Acquisition Opportunities 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Dealfow?

For funded investors looking to find qualified off market deals, who are dissatisfied with the difficulty of going through traditional intermediary channels, AMIVA+ is tailored deal team support platform that provides unlimited access to targeted off market opportunities. And unlike other deal finders that charge rich monthly retainers and closing fees, we bring you results completely free.  

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years in the Team


Businesses Reached


Reachable Targets


State Presence


Industry Specialization

  • How quickly can you deliver results?
    It usually takes us about 14-23 business days from the time we have identified the targets for your mandate until we are able to bring you the first acquisition candidates.
  • How much does your system cost?
    Costs nothing to you as long as you are a funded group. Our fee gets paid by the seller at closing.
  • If you want us to sign a Non-Circumvent does this mean we're stuck on a deal we like if you can't figure an agreement with the seller?
    Yes, that's correct. That, however, never has happened or happens because our fees are contingent on the deal closing so they are calculated as a closing cost to the offer you make them. Also important to note the Non-Circumvent we have you sign is only for the specific seller we provide you and does not prevent you from looking at other sources, outside of us, for other opportunities you might want to pursue.
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